Saturday, August 9, 2008

World's fastest growing mobile market is India?

This may be known to many people, but not to many others. And it is a potentially big business opportunity for both startups and established companies, both software companies and other kinds, so I'm writing about it:

The world's fastest growing mobile market may be India; and it has been growing very fast for some time now.

Here are some links that indicate that:

When in doubt, focus on the core customer from the "Corporate Dossier" supplement of Friday's edition of The Eonomic Times of India.

That article above was the inspiration for this post. However, I've been seeing news items about this factoid for many months now. The article is about how Nokia is doing well including in India, although it also covers other companies.


"This success has seen the company’s market share rise to more than 70 percent currently from 46 percent in March 2003. So how did Nokia do it?

One key reason was its ability to obtain fast and accurate customer insights, which is the new basis for true and lasting competitive advantage".

India World’s Fastest Growing Mobile Market on Stuart Henshall's blog.

India becomes the fastest growing Mobile Market in the World

Gartner: India’s mobile services market to surpass $37 billion by 2012

India, fastest growing mobile phone market, on, quoting a report by Boston-based Pyramid Research.

Also, the iPhone 3G is coming to India; see:

Airtel To Launch 3G iPhone In October on ContentSutra, which says that the iPhone 3G will be available via Airtel and Vodafone.


Apple iPhone 3G will be Available in India via Bharti Airtel

And, of course, apps for the iPhone 3G are already selling well in the short time since the phone was launched, such as this crossword puzzle game by Eliza Block. Interestingly, Eliza developed that game while working on it part time :)

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