Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ping-O-Matic - ping syndication services when you update your blog

A useful service for bloggers - Ping-O-Matic. Let's you ping (in the blogging sense, not the networking sense of the word ping) syndication services and search engines, to inform them that you blog has been updated (with a new post).

[ See a previous post (on my older blog,, titled Pingdom come, for something interesting about the networking meaning of the word ping ].

From the site:

"Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.

We regularly check downstream services to make sure that they're legit and still work. So while it may appear like we have fewer services, they're the most important ones.

Make sure to only ping specialized services if they're relevant to your blog, otherwise you'll cause an undue burden on them."

I tried out Ping-O-Matic a few times for this new blog of mine; seems to work ok (at least, I got back Ok or similar messages from most of the sites pinged); so I plan to use it regularly.

You can select from a list of sites you want to ping, by checking a box against each, and then click a button to ping them all together.

It also lets you bookmark that selection to be able to ping all the same sites again later, automatically.

Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises.

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