Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nokia plans to hire many developers?

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[ REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. -- Nokia hopes to increase the number of developers working on its Qt GUI toolkit tenfold. In opening remarks at its annual Developer Days conference today, Qt Software Chief Sebastian Nystrom (pictured) invited attendees to look for online job postings, commenting, "We're hiring." ]

That excerpt was from the start of the post, but the rest of the post is pretty interesting too - it talks about Nokia's multiple plans for expanding the Qt toolkit (which it got when it acquired Trolltech) into many more areas.

Another interesting excerpt from the post:

[ "In kicking off the conference, Nyström emphasized Nokia's interest in horizontally broadening Qt support across as many platforms as possible. ]

That seems to make sense. Since Qt was already cross-platform (for a few major platforms), I guess it must have been well-designed (to some extent, at least) to be cross-platform. So, at least for other similar platforms, it may not be too much work to port Qt to them. And each additional platform they port Qt to, will increase their potential market share and sales.

I had blogged about the Nokia acquisition of Trolltech and about the Qt product sometime earlier.

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