Thursday, December 4, 2008

Open source in mobile - interesting article

Here's an interesting article about the use of open source software in the mobile space.

It has some informative tables about that topic.

There's a table on "who’s who in mobile open source".

Organizations / technologies mentioned in it include:

Google’s Android, Symbian, Moblin, OpenedHand, Nokia, Trolltech, Qt from Trolltech, Purple Labs, Wind River, MontaVista, OpenMoko, Ubuntu Mobile, Sun’s Java ME, Apple’s WebKit, Firefox Mobile, LiMo Foundation.

I had blogged about Moblin, OpenedHand and Nokia's acquisition of Trolltech earlier, also about Qt a while ago.

The article also has another table on "where open source is used in mobile phone software" - "where" meaning at what level of the mobile software stack.

That table includes these levels:

- Kernel + base operating system

- Middleware

- Application environments

- Applications

They (VisionMobile) say their blog has been voted as the best blog in the Mobile Comms category by Electronics Weekly Magazine.

Vasudev Ram.

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