Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Birth of PDF" article and PDF-related links seen today

Here are some PDF-related links seen today that I found of interest:

John Warnock's 'Camelot' signalled birth of PDF

Excerpt from above link:

[ The "Camelot" Paper: In the Spring of 1991, Dr. John Warnock first described the market opportunity for Acrobat in this document. ]

Nitro PDF Software launches free web-to-PDF feature for Chrome, Safari and Opera

The official PDF Download website for the above free web-to-pdf feature is here.

Vitrium Systems releases web-based protectedpdf Small Business Edition

PDFTron releases PDFNet SDK for Windows Mobile

Excerpt from above link about PDFNet SDK:

[ PDFNet SDK is also available as a .NET component as well as a cross-platform Java and C/C++ library for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and other platforms. ]

I had evaluated PDFNet from PDFTron some time ago as part of a project I did for a client. While we did not end up selecting it (we selected another product), it may be a useful one for PDF development on the platforms it supports - see above link and excerpt.

Debenu acquires PDF developer library

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises.

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