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Q5 4.5 shipping, with lots of features and a more developer-friendly LGPL license

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Qt 4.5 ships, as Qtopia bows out

The article has some comments by Qt Software's Benoit Schillings, chief technologist. Some excerpts from the article, that I thought were significant:


Schillings continued, "Today, being cross platform is more important. We do not need to control the entire stack. We want people who write Qt interfaces to be able to have the flexibility to run it on GNOME, and not just KDE. In the end, this will provide a product that is more coherent."


Qt Software sums it up best when it says that Qt developers "can now build their proprietary applications on top of Qt without paying a licensing fee."


Qt 4.5 now offers several upgraded graphics engines that are said to dramatically improve Qt-based run-times.


Qt 4.5 also improves integration with the WebKit web rendering engine, a process that began with last year's Qt 4.4. Qt now uses the latest upstream (trunk) version of WebKit, which is said to improve performance, and offers support for the blazing-fast SquirrelFish Javascript interpreter.


Finally, Qt 4.5 has been ported to Apple's new Mac OS X Cocoa API. Previously Qt supported only the Mac Carbon framework. Now, developers wanting to target Mac platforms can create applications that support 32 or 64 bit, Intel or PowerPC Mac binaries from a single source, says the company.


Qt. 4.5, Qt Creator, and a final Qt Extended 4.5 release are all available now. Also available on Linux (32- and 64-bit), Windows, and Mac OS X desktops are "Qt SDKs," which are pre-built, single-installer packages comprised of the Qt 4.5 libraries, Qt Creator, and Qt Linguist. The company is currently reviewing the possibility of offering an embedded version of the SDK.


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