Sunday, July 25, 2010

HSQLDB - embedded Java database (RDBMS)

By Vasudev Ram

HSQLDB is a nice little Java-based RDBMS that can work in either embedded or server mode.

I had come across it a while ago when looking for a lightweight open source RDBMS to use with iText, the Java library for PDF creation. I tried out HSQLDB and it worked fine (I had to tweak things to make it work, but not much). Created some tables in HSQLDB, populated them with some sample data, and was able to read that data through a Java program and write it to a PDF file using iText.

(An aside on iText: the Wikipedia article about iText, linked to in the previous paragraph, says that iText is embedded in many products and services, including Eclipse BIRT, Jasper Reports, Red Hat JBoss Seam, Windward Reports, and others.)

The last stable version of HSQLDB is 1.8 (at the time of writing this post).

The next generation of HSQLDB is called HyperSQL.

Here is the HSQLDB / HyperSQL site:

Excerpts from the front page of the HSQLDB site:

HSQLDB 1.8 has been out for nearly 5 years and is distributed with many open-source and commercial products. It is also the database engine in 3.2, used on millions of desktops around the world. We continue to release stable bug-fix versions of 1.8.]

Here is the Wikipedia article about HSQLDB.

According to that article, HSQLDB is also used in commercial products, such as Mathematica from Wolfram Research and InstallAnywhere.

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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