Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sogou, the Chinese search dog

By Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises is a Chinese search engine. Sogou means "search dog" in Chinese.

I got to know about it because it has been crawling my business web site,, now and then over the past few days, as shown by Google Analytics, which I run on my site.

As per this Wikipedia article ---

--- Sogou indexes 10 billion pages (text, images, music and maps), has a rank of 121 in's internet rankings (when I checked that just now, it was 104 (and 23 in China)). It competes with, a large Chinese search engine.

Here is a discussion about Sogou by the CEO of Sohu Inc., owners of (on the site):

( SeekingAlpha is a site for people seeking high-yield investments. "Seeking alpha" is an investor's term for that goal. Sramana Mitra blogs on the site sometimes. ).

Excerpt from the above article:


We strive to make Sogou the search engine of choice. Customer tailored, key to the needs of the Chinese community.

I think Sogou is among the fastest-growing search engines in traffic market share, of all of the search engines in China. I don't believe any other search engine can grow quarter on quarter 60% in terms of page view traffic.

Note: the article is from 2006, so those figures may not be true any more (could be up or down). Also what is stated, is the CEO's opinion or words, i.e. the claims are not substantiated, at least in the article.

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