Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tried out Google Page Speed Online

By Vasudev Ram

Google Page Speed Online (a Google Labs product, seems to have been released recently) lets you check the speed of pages on your web site:

I tried it out on a few of the pages on my web site 

The report said that the page speeds of my site were fairly fast. But of course, my site's pages are (intentionally) not heavy with JavaScript, images or other objects. I have only a few JavaScript snippets, for things like Google Analytics, and only some small images; no Flash, etc.

The tool may be worth checking out for those who have sites with heavy pages.
It applies some logic to test the page speed (note: not the same as load time, according to Google) and then gives a ranking (higher is better), and depending on the page speed, may give suggestions (called rules) to improve the page speed. The rules are in three categories - high, medium and low priority - meaning that the high ones are likely to improve the speed more (if implemented), than the medium ones, and so on.

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- Vasudev Ram

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