Thursday, May 12, 2011

Google Chromebooks coming soon

By Vasudev Ram -

Just saw this - Google's Chromebooks (fully web-based computers, running the Chrome OS) will be out in a few weeks.

Read about it here:

According to the site, Chromebooks will boot in 8 seconds and resume instantly, have WiFi and 3G, and will auto-update themselves (maybe both the OS and the apps). All apps and data will be in the cloud, so if you lose your Chromebook, you can just get another one and resume working. Security is at multiple levels. Many HTML5 apps so you can work offline (conditions apply, I guess) when there is no connection.

They are going to be available to order (in some countries) from June 15, 2001. Samsung and Acer are the initial hardware partners.

Chromebook is the top story on TechMeme right now. There are links to tons of articles around the Web about Chromebook.

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