Wednesday, May 4, 2011

John Resig, jQuery creator, joining Khan Academy

By Vasudev Ram -

John Resig, the creator of jQuery, the widely used JavaScript library, is joining Salman Khan's (*) Khan Academy, which develops free online courses and videos for various topics.

(*) Not the Indian movie star of the same name :-) This Salman Khan lives and works in the US, though he does have a partly Indian background.

Resig earlier worked for around 4 years for Mozilla. He's going to work full time on leading the open source and JavaScript efforts of the Khan Academy, according to his blog post (linked below).

John Resig:


Khan Academy:


Here is John Resig's blog post about this news:

(*) jQuery users include Google, Dell, Bank of America, Major League Baseball, Digg, NBC, CBS News, Netflix, Technorati, Mozilla, Wordpress, Drupal, according to the jQuery site.

I had blogged recently about Salman Khan and his Khan Academy, here:

Bill Gates' favorite teacher, Sal Khan:

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