Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mailgun looks interesting - programmatically manage email and mailboxes

By Vasudev Ram -

Saw this on Hacker News (HN). Mailgun is a Y Combinator (YC) startup.

[ UPDATE: Here is a link to a Hacker News comment thread about Mailgun. The thread is interesting since many people make points for and against Mailgun, and discuss it in general, including one of the Mailgun founders. ]

Article about Mailgun on TechCrunch (TC) - they got $1.1 million in funding:

Mailgun - YC Winter 2010/2011, depending on who's saying it - HN or TC :), is a startup that provides an API and service to let you programmatically create and manage mailboxes and email. They have both a free plan and paid plans. Some YC companies are using it, also other companies. I signed up for the free plan and may post more after using it some.

BTW, Google's Blogger was down for a while, so if you see a recent post from me that seems to have shown up a day or two later than it's post date, that is why. The Blogger outage is also somewhat big news on the net right now, with people talking about hybrid approaches (cloud + local) being better. I tend to agree with that assessment - always have. If your apps and data are critical, it simply makes sense to always have _more than one level_ of backup - not even just cloud + local. Work out what is good for you ...

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