Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mailman: subscriptions track your email address, has REST API

By Vasudev Ram -

Mailman - , - is a widely used open source mailing list manager (integrated with the web, and written in Python).

Barry Warsaw, who I quoted in my previous post about "import this and the Zen of Python", is a lead developer of Mailman, both earlier and now. He also worked on Jython - , - (formerly JPython), and is a core Python developer, among other things. He now works at Canonical, the company that maintains the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Mailman can now automatically track your changes to your "preferred" email address for subscriptions. It also has a REST API. I read about it here in this post by Barry about the release of Mailman 3.0:


[ Significant improvements to the subscription model. Users can now subscribe to mailing lists with either an explicit address or a "preferred" address. When a user changes her preferred address, all of her subscriptions automatically track this change. All this and more have also all been exposed to the REST API. ]

Useful feature ...

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