Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Xamarin: ex-Mono team to create dotNet for iOS and Android

By Vasudev Ram - www.dancingbison.com

[ UPDATE: Also check this GigaOm post I just saw:

Xamarin Founder Goes from Layoff to Launch — In 12 Days

http://gigaom.com/2011/05/16/xamarin/ ]

Found this interesting:

Mono is an open source version of .NET, initially created by Miguel de Icaza on Linux.

Miguel de Icaza and a team are going to start a new company called Xamarin:


This is after Attachmate, which acquired Novell, the last "owner" of Mono, laid off most of the Mono developers.

They are also going to create commercial versions of .NET for iOS and Android.

The news is on ReadWriteWeb:


and on Miguel's blog:


Wikipedia article about Mono:


Wikipedia article about Miguel de Icaza:


The article says he started the GNOME, Gnumeric and Midnight Commander projects. GNOME is one of the main Linux desktop windowing environments, the other being KDE. Gnumeric is GNU's spreadsheet. Midnight Commander is a visual file manager (like Norton Commander (NC) of yore for DOS - I was a fairly heavy user of, and loved NC, when I used to use DOS - damn fast in usage and file operations).

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