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Loggr, cloud-based event logging service (free for developers, limited)

By Vasudev Ram
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Loggr - - is a cloud-based event logging service, free for developer trials (with limited features, but free always), and paid for those who want more features. It may have possibilities (e.g. view your (app's) logged events from anywhere you have a browser and Net connectivity), but also, of course, potential issues (if Net is down).

I read about it via this post by Charlie Crystle, founder of

17 Startup Founders walk into a bar...:

Charlie Crystle is the former founder of Chilisoft. I had read about Chilisoft some years ago. They had a product that provided support for ASP (Microsoft's ASP product, like the former Sun's JSP), on UNIX based web servers. (ASP runs only on Windows web servers, AFAIK, i.e. like IIS).
P.S. When the hell are startups going to stop that (not-so) cutesy omission of vowels (*) in their names? :-) It was a Web 2.0 fad and Web 2 is now over (I hope) - at least that's what the self-proclaimed pundits say ...

(*) Though I have to say that in the case of Loggr, doing so would make the name too generic.

Speaking of dropped vowels, I think I read somewhere that Twitter was originally named Twttr ..... ;-)

Update: This early tweet by Jack (Dorsey, Twitter co-founder) sort of proves that it was called Twttr - heh.

(Found that tweet from a Google search for "Twitter twttr" - and I had to tell Google that I did mean "Twitter twttr", not "Twitter Twitter". Google's automatic spelling correction is mostly useful, but can go awry once in a while.)

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