Friday, August 12, 2011

Red Gate's PageTrawler in alpha

By Vasudev Ram - | @vasudevram |

Red Gate Software has launched PageTrawler in alpha.

PageTrawler is a "content audit tool for user experience designers, content strategists, marketers, and information users", according to the site. You enter the URL of your web site and it generates a content inventory which lists each page on your site, with the page URL, page title and the HTTP status code from attempting to fetch it. It can both display the first few items in the list on your browser screen, and generate a CSV file for you to download.

Red Gate Software is a software product company that makes products for Windows, and was founded by Neil Davidson who also runs the Business of Software conference.

Red Gate:

Red Gate products:

You can try out PageTrawler here:

- Vasudev Ram @ Dancing Bison


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