Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flotype enabling easy large-scale real-time web apps? Berkeley founders, has funding, clients, claims revenue

By Vasudev Ram - | @vasudevram |

This is a quick post. Haven't checked out Flotype in detail but seems like it could be something, based on what I read so far.

Flotype is a Winter 2010 YCombinator startup that seems to be enabling easy-to-create large-scale real-time web apps via their product NowJS which seems to be based on Node.js. The 3 founders, all 19 years old (Hey, Bill, Larry, Sergey, Mark, ... :-) , are UC Berkeley engineering dropouts; the company has funding from YC and others, and may have clients and claims revenue on target to $1 million.

Check the links.

Flotype named in "Silicon Valley's Top 20 Startups":

Their main product is NowJS, seems based on Node.js, and is open-sourced:

- Vasudev Ram @ Dancing Bison

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