Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ho hum, Tweedledum it's that time of year again :-)

By Vasudev Ram

The time of year I refer to is the year end, when, typically, Internet access slows down (sometimes to a crawl), for email and browsing; at least it has been that way for me.

Been experiencing it some this year too, though seemingly a bit less than some previous years, thankfully. Obviously, it's due, at least in part, to a lot more Net traffic happening around this time, including everybody and their aunt sending large greetings images as attachments to their friends :-)

One interesting thing I noticed about this trend, a few years back, was that in a particular year, Yahoo Mail slowed down a lot, at this time of year, but the next year, it did not - it worked at pretty much the same speed as the rest of the year. I guess they beefed up their infrastructure that year to handle the extra load. I liked that.

- Vasudev Ram @ Dancing Bison

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