Thursday, December 29, 2011

Your Black Swan is showing

By Vasudev Ram - | | @vasudevram

"His black swan is showing."

Great comment by Seth Godin. I don't necessarily like or agree with
all of his posts, though he is a cult figure of sorts - according to
some. But I think he got it right on this one - where he made a
comment on a post quoted in another post - if you get what I mean :-)
. Here is the post that refers to his comment:

If you don't get the Seth comment or the term Black Swan, go figure -
or Google ...

IMO, "your black swan is showing" is all too common in the world, with
a lot of people, in many areas of life - I'm saying this based on
observation and experience

Finally, and I think important, though I am linking to the Wikipedia
article about the black swan theory, I should mention that I don't
think it describes it correctly (as per my understanding).

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