Sunday, February 12, 2012

Martin Fowler on GUI architectures

Seen recently. Scanned the article a bit, looks pretty  interesting.

One of the points the article refers to is the principle of separation of (user) interface from implementation, and says that it is a basic concept of MVC (and also of UNIX - see TAOUP *). This is one of my favorite principles of OOP and UNIX, because it is both elegant and facilitates code reuse.

The principle can be applied in both procedural and object-oriented styles of programming. A simple example is that if you design and write your core processing logic in separate functions or classes (i.e. not mix it with the UI code), you can use it from a command-line, desktop GUI, or web application.

* TAOUP is The Art Of UNIX Programming, by Eric Raymond (ESR), who also wrote The Cathedral and the Bazaar. You need a pretty heavy English vocabulary to grok his writings sometimes :), and some people say some of his stuff is a lot of guff, but I think he has a lot of good points.

--- Vasudev Ram

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