Saturday, February 18, 2012

Solum, using tech for agriculture

Solum is a Khosla Ventures-backed (as in Vinod Khosla *) startup using tech for measurements in agriculture. Idea seems interesting. They seem to be only into conventional agriculture support, though.

Solum team:

* Vinod Khosla: google him.

But I wish Vinod would make some investments in large scale organic farming, given his avowed interest in cleantech / greentech. I'm sure he must know of its benefits vs. conventional agriculture that uses synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 

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Anonymous said...

Solum is actively working with both conventional and organic farmers. Organically produced fertilizer has multiple nutrients and is often rich in organic mater, thus providing many benefits to the soil. This said, pound for pound, organically produced fertilizer sources are usually more expensive than synthetically produced fertilizer so organic growers have even more reason to adopt a quantitative, data driven approach that determines how much to apply. Our growers see better crop performance while saving money and loosing less nutrients to the sensitive nearby ecosystems that they seek to protect.

- Nick Koshnick, Solum CEO