Thursday, May 17, 2012

Glenford Myers, software testing guru, is worth reading even now

This blog post was a result of the frustration I have been feeling due to Android apps on my phone crashing, many times. Also see some of my recent tweets on the same.

Wonder when (if ever) people in general and software developers in particular are going to realize the importance of quality and that Quality Is Free (google the book of that name).

I have used the principles of his book The Art of Software Testing to good advantage in projects I've led and worked on.

The self-test(ing:) quiz at the start of the 1st edition is mind-opening.

The concept of equivalence classes in testing is another good one.

Nowadays there doesn't even seem to be any discussion of software skills improvement topics in the current (popular) literature. Wondering if it is the economy or something else which is responsible for that   ...

- Vasudev Ram

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