Thursday, June 7, 2012 - Indian web site for home delivery from restaurants

Came across this online restaurant food ordering site recently: TastyKhana

(Khana - pronounced Khaanaa - means food in Hindi.)

I tried to translate "food" from English to Hindi on Google Translate - hoping to get the word khana as the result, so that readers could listen to how it is said, but it gave me भोजन (bhojan) as the main result instead, which is another (more formal) Hindi word for food, instead of khana.

But in the list of alternate words below the main result, it did show this: खाने का पदार्थ - which, transliterated, means "khane ka padarth" - meaning "thing that can be eaten" or "edible thing" :)

Have only checked the TastyKhana site a little so far but it may be useful for people in India (currently seems to be only for Pune and Mumbai) to order food via home delivery from restaurants.

Has list of many restaurants.

Can order dishes for home delivery via the site.

Has by-category lists like Indian, Chinese, Punjabi, Italian,. etc,, with restaurants offering those types of food under each category.

I think fulfills a real need ("make something people want" - Paul Graham :) and I have myself felt the need for such a service. Hope it works out well and succeeds ...

UPDATE: I browsed their Press page and found some
interesting articles about them:

TastyKhana on Sramana Mitra's blog

Our business runs on technology on This article is by their CTO Sheldon D'Souza.

- Vasudev Ram

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