Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free Google Online Course - Power Searching with Google

By Vasudev Ram

Seen via an @GoogleAnalytics tweet:

Google is conducting a free online course called "Power Searching with Google".

It will run for a few weeks - the first class is online now - and those completing the two assessments (one mid-term, one final) will get an emailed printable certificate. The course includes the opportunity to hangout (using Google+ Hangouts) with others taking the course and also to ask questions about search to search experts from Google.

Details at the link below. Anyone can sign up for free.

Power Searching with Google

UPDATE: Adding a bit more info about dates and times:

[ Registration for Powering Searching with Google is open until July 16th, however, the first course will be released today (July 10). After that, new classes will become available every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Attendees will have a two week window to complete them and earn their certificate. ]

So sign up fast if you want to join. There are already a lot of people signed up - I know this because I got some messages like "too many people are accessing this file" for some parts of Class 1.

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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