Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jolla by ex-Nokia to make MeeGo smartphones

By Vasudev Ram

Seen via a tweet by @hnfirehose.

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[ Jolla's Chief Operating Officer Marc Dillon, was with Nokia for almost 11 years, and was the company's Principal Engineer for MeeGo (formerly Maemo) from January 2006. ]

Hope their plans work out. I had investigated a Maemo-based phone, the Nokia N900, and it had some great features (such as a hardware QWERTY keyboard, 3.5 inch screen (good at that time), good Skype integration, xterm support (so you could do shell scripting as well as programming on the phone in any Linux-based language for which there was a Maemo port, ssh into servers, etc), but decided not to get it after all, due to Nokia discontinuing support for it, and also because it had some moderate hardware issues.

If Jolla can come out with some good MeeGo-based smartphones something like the Nokia N900, without messing up much on any point, they may have some good success. Such phones won't capture the mass consumer market though.

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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