Monday, August 20, 2012

Interview with CFEngine Founder and CTO Mark Burgess

CFEngine is a tool to automate system administration.

I had come across it some time ago via an article, IIRC, on the IBM
developerWorks web site.

A related tool is Puppet.

Inspired by nature.
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Anonymous said...

CFEngine was the first tool for configuration management and did a lot of the research about the best ways to do it. Puppet and other tools are still behind CFEngine in a number of areas - they reversed certain design decisions to make configuration seem easier, but sacrificed scalability and maintainance of desired state to do so. Now CFEngine is getting easier without making sacrifices. Kudos to the CFEngine team.

Vasudev Ram said...

Thanks for your comment. It would be nice if you give a citation to back up your claims about CFEngine vs. Puppet and other tools, also if you can mention what those design decisions were. I'm interested in that.