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Narendra Karmarkar's linear programming algorithm

Narendra Karmarkar

Karmarkar's algorithm

I had read about it way back, when it was first discovered by him, IIRC. It was big news at the time, even in the newspapers. As I recall (also see the Wikipedia article) it was put to good use in telecommunications companies and maybe some other areas too.

Just saw his Wikipedia page today via a chain of web links.


Karmarkar received a number of awards for his algorithm, among them:

Paris Kanellakis Award, 2000 given by The Association for Computing Machinery.
Distinguished Alumnus Award, Computer Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (1993)
Ramanujan Prize for Computing, given by Asian Institute Informatics (1989)
Fulkerson Prize in Discrete Mathematics given jointly by the American Mathematical Society & Mathematical Programming Society (1988)
Fellow of Bell Laboratories (1987- )
Texas Instruments Founders' Prize (1986)
Marconi International Young Scientist Award (1985)
Frederick W. Lanchester Prize of the Operations Research Society of America for the Best Published Contributions to Operations Research
National Science Talent Award in Mathematics, India (1972, India)

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