Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Try OCaml in the browser - with a guided tutorial

OCaml is a programming language developed at INRIA, a French national research institute for computer science and allied areas.

Here is the Wikipedia page about OCaml.

Try OCaml is a site that lets you try out OCaml in the browser, using a step-by-step guided tutorial. The Try OCaml site is by, a company that supports OCaml and has ties to the OCaml group at INRIA.

Their site has a page with a section titled Why OCaml, which gives some reasons for using OCaml.

OCaml is used by a UK-based company called Coherent Graphics. I had come across them a while ago when checking out various PDF processing libraries. Their CamlPDF is a free PDF processing library written in OCaml. But it also is the basis for PDF library support in multiple other languages. From their site:

[ This is CamlPDF, an OCaml library for reading, writing and manipulating Adobe portable document files.

CamlPDF consists of a set of low level modules for representing, reading and writing the basic structure of PDF, together with an initial attempt at a higher level API.

CamlPDF is released under a BSD licence with special exceptions. See the LICENCE file in the source for details.

CamlPDF forms the basis of our PDF Command-line Toolkit and .NET PDF Toolkit, our PDF Editor for Mac OS X and the PDF import for a major commercial vector graphics package. ]

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