Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AboutMyBrowser.com from SupportBee

By Vasudev Ram

AboutMyBrowser.com from SupportBee is a new web site that lets you get information about your browser and operating system, just by visiting it.

It is an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) right now, i.e. an early version.

This Hacker News thread about AboutMyBrowser has got a lot of comments and is currently the top post on HN.

I tried AboutMyBrowser out. It worked okay from my desktop browser but not from my mobile browser.
Still, it's an interesting product and seems to fulfill a real need for support staff, because typically when non-technical users are asked for their browser and OS details to help debug a web app issue, they can't easily find that out. This tool was created for exactly that reason.

[ As an aside, a couple of comments on the HN thread link to these sites which I found interesting:

Large English Vocabulary Word Lists.

This could be useful for some applications that need to manipulate or use words, for any purpose. The comment which had the link gave an example of that, related to AboutMyBrowser, but there could be other uses.

The NATO phonetic alphabet.

This is the familiar code used by pilots, etc. E.g. ALPHA BRAVO DELTA ... to make clear the spelling of words over a radio call which may have transmission static. ]

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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