Thursday, September 27, 2012

Docverter HTTP API converts marked-up docs to PDF, Docx, RTF or ePub

Docverter, an HTTP API to convert marked-up docs to PDF, Docx, RTF or ePub (and other formats, both input and output).

Docverter is a paid service.

It uses pandoc, the swiss-army-knife format conversion tool (open source), which I've blogged about a couple of times before.

UPDATE: The Docverter service is not available yet - it is in closed beta. When you try to sign up, you see a form to enter your email address so they can inform you when it is open to use. They are using the model of gauging user interest and getting email addresses of people interested, as some other startups are doing nowadays. But in this case, the creator says that he already has some working code, just that it needs some improvement before letting users in. Interesting thread about it on Hacker News, where the creator, HN user zrail, also participates, answering questions about the service, including why it is a paid service when pandoc is free.

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