Wednesday, September 5, 2012

udisks, D-Bus based tool to query / manipulate storage devices

udisks looks useful. It uses D-Bus. I had come across D-Bus some time ago, and udisks more recently.

udisks is a tool, based on the D-Bus message bus / IPC system, that lets you query and manipulate storage device like hard disks.

UDisks Reference Manual.

Also see 'man udisks' on a recent Ubuntu Linux system.

D-Bus is used in many projects. Here are some of them:

Pidgin, Skype, and KDE projects such as KWord, KSpread, Konsole, Konqueror, KCalc, Kate.

Here is a D-Bus tutorial (in progress)

I had also heard/read that D-Bus was used in the Nokia N900 Maemo/Linux-based smartphone to allow users to control the device programmatically.

The Nokia N900 seemed like a pretty cool and programmable smartphone (for many other reasons than just D-Bus). I was going to buy it but ultimately decided not to, due to Nokia stopping support for both the N900 and Maemo, some moderately serious hardware issues (USB connector), and most of all, due to Nokia's recent (last few years) corporate shenanigans and lack of consistent direction and roadmap.

- Vasudev Ram

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