Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sun, stars and Red Shift :)

By Vasudev Ram

Saw this article via a post on Hacker News:

Sun Goes Down. Up Comes A Mystery

Pretty interesting.

I initially thought (before I read it) that the article must be about the other Sun (Microsystems), and that the title of the post was some sort of reference to Sun being eclipsed (heh * :) by Oracle.

Turns out that the article is actually about why there are still patches of dark in the night sky, even though there are zillions of stars in the universe.

The answer has to do with the fact that the universe is (supposed to be) expanding. Read the article to get the full picture.

I found this interesting on another level because that other Sun had some time ago created a project called Red Shift. Unfortunately, they did not do well in business some time later and then got acquired by Oracle.

To know more about that Red Shift concept, both in reference to Sun Microsystems and the universe, google for "sun microsystems red shift", or just see this article (the first hit from that search):

Redshift (theory) - specifically, the section "History & Nomenclature".

(*) I had read, long back, when the Eclipse software tool was first being released, that the name was a play on the term "eclipse of the Sun".


Eclipse was first created by IBM ...

It's a pity about Sun, really. They had done a huge amount of technical innovation over the years. NFS, Tcl/Tk, Java, the list goes on ...

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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