Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mininet, to try OpenFlow and SDN on one machine

Seen recently via Twitter. Looks interesting. I had blogged about OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking some time ago.

Mininet "is the easy way to do cool stuff with OpenFlow and Software-Defined Networks. Run a complete network on a single machine (VM, cloud, or native) with a single command:

sudo mn

The Mininet site goes on to say:

"You can interact with your network using the Mininet API and CLI, customize it, share it with others, or deploy it on real hardware.
Actively developed and supported, Mininet is useful for interactive development, testing, and demos, running any OpenFlow controller or virtual switch. Permissive BSD license."

Some (but not all) of the links (not shown above) in the previous paragraph, say "fixme", meaning there is no link yet.

Wikipedia article about OpenFlow.

Vasudev Ram

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