Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Google Blogger bug?


Odd. All my posts after and including the one linked above, show  .no as the TLD (Top Level Domain) instead of  .com or  .in.

Happening since two days.

In fact, when I go to my blog from my phone, it shows  .


While (and if) you're fixing that, deere Googel :), how about fixing the unwanted and annoying automatic spelling "correction" when I type a space then a dot after a word with the intention of making it an ellipsis, like so  ...

Don't delete my spaces! And more importantly, don't try to second-guess, third-guess, or nth-guess me.

This is one of the things I highly dislike about Google. They (or their software) often seems to act like There Is Only One Way To Do It, namely, theirs.

"My way or the highway" has never worked for me, and never will.

See 1) George Bush (the second) quote - "if you're not for us, you're against us", and 2) the similar scene in the classic Ben Hur movie, in the dialog between Ben Hur and Messala, the Roman legionary.

(Google - what else, bah! - for both of the quotes and for the movie.)

Guess who won in both cases  ...

- Vasudev Ram

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