Thursday, December 20, 2012

Qt 5 released w/ desktop/mobile/embedded/realtime OS support

Digia launches Qt 5 cross-platform application development and UI framework

Sounds like pretty interesting news.

I've tried out Qt in the past, and liked it. It is considered by some to be an example of good object-oriented software design.

Qt's signals and slots mechanism is interesting.

I've blogged about Qt before.

Many popular and widely used software products, including cross-platform ones, are built using Qt.

IIRC, the Skype client app is one of them.

After Nokia acquired Trolltech, the original makers of Qt, they sold Qt rights to Digia.

At the time I was not sure what would happen to Qt, and stopped following it for a while, but this news makes me hopeful that it will thrive.

There is a lot more in the above Qt 5 announcement that is of interest to software developers. Read it.

Hacker News thread about it is also of interest, including the multiple mentions of the ability to use Qt 5 from Python via PyQt / PySide:

I had blogged about PySide earlier too, when it was first announced, some years ago. Though I've not checked the latest status yet, IIRC, PySide is like PyQt but free to use even commercially.

This implies that desktop, mobile and embedded apps can potentially be created with Qt (using either C++ or Python), which by now, is somewhat more than just a GUI development toolkit / framework, though it started out as that, years ago.

Incidentally, some may not know that the KDE windowing desktop environment for Linux, is written using Qt.

Digia is a Finnish software company:

One last point: PerfectTablePlan, a cross-platform product to plan seating at weddings, is a successful software product built using Qt. Andy Brice, who created the product, runs an interesting blog called I have been reading his blog for some years now, and have found it quite interesting. Many of his posts contain useful information for software product developers.

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