Thursday, December 13, 2012

REBOL, language that influenced JSON, is now open source

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REBOL is an interesting language. It's free to download, available for both Linux and Windows, and quite small in size (MB).

UPDATE: Carl's comment on building REBOL from source, in the REBOL repo on Github, mentions Android as a platform that REBOL can be built for. Interesting  ...

It can be used at the command line for useful one-liners, in command-line scripts, and even to write GUI programs.

It has built-in support for some common Internet protocols.

And many other features.

I had tried out REBOL  for some time, somewhat soon after it was first released several years ago, and found it fun to use.

REBOL  was created by Carl Sassenrath, who also was the main designer of the Amiga computer and OS, a very advanced PC for its time, including multitasking and advanced multimedia when almost no other computers had it.

Main REBOL site for downloading the language interpreters, documentation, examples:

REBOL is now open source:

Hacker News thread about the open sourcing of REBOL:

Has interesting points. More than one commenter pointed out that REBOL was an influence on JSON, which was News (heh) to me:

- Vasudev Ram

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