Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Construct, binary packer library for Python

A Survey of Construct 3 / Tomer Filiba

Construct3 allows you to create packers and unpackers for transferring between binary data and Python objects, something like Python's built-in struct module but with more functionality.

Construct is written by Tomer Filiba, who also created Plumbum, a shell combinators library, which I blogged about a while ago, here:

Plumbum, UNIX shell-like library and tool in Python

Reading about Plumbum and other related tools that help with creating UNIX pipe-like functionality in Python is what inspired me (*) to create pipe_controller, and write a couple of posts describing some ways it can be used:

pipe_controller on Bitbucket

Using PipeController to run a pipe incrementally

Swapping pipe components at runtime with pipe_controller

(*) Although, my approach is quite different from Plumbum or the other tools mentioned.

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