Saturday, January 26, 2013

PyTTSx: cross-platform Python speech synthesis wrapper

parente/pyttsx · GitHub

PyTTSx is a cross-platform Python wrapper for speech synthesis (a.k.a. text-to-speech) tools.

I've been interested in both speech synthesis and speech recognition for some time (as a user, for personal use as a productivity aid), and had tried out some tools for these areas earlier, including Java-based ones and others.

PyTTSx is by Peter Parente:

I found it via looking for PyTTS by the same developer, but that seems to be no longer maintained, and is only for Windows, while PyTTSx is supposed to work on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Also see:

PyTTSx docs:

- Vasudev Ram

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Ben Rousch said...

I was looking for a Python cross-platform TTS module a while ago and PyTTSx was not working well. I ended up creating my own layer to support more free engines. You can see it at