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Dancing Bison Enterprises - Profile

               Dancing Bison Enterprises - Profile

Dancing Bison Enterprises is a small software company based in Pune, India.

We have done projects for USA-, Europe- and India-based clients in Python, Ruby on Rails, C, Java, PDF and other technologies. We have good skills and experience in Python, C, UNIX/Linux, Java, Ruby, relational databases, PDF creation, and multiple open source technologies, and in software requirements analysis, design and implementation. Development of robust software applications and components is our forte. Open source technologies and UNIX/Linux are two of our key areas of strength - we have been working with UNIX from some time before Linux was first created, and with open source software from before the term "open source" was coined. Have many years of software development experience, including both working with large international and Indian software companies and with small companies, including startups based both abroad and in India.

Please visit our business web site for an overview about us.

The founder of the company, Vasudev Ram, is a nominated / elected member of the Python Software Foundation.

Developed multiple open source software products/projects - please see our Products page , and our Bitbucket page . More such products are in the pipeline.

Packt Publishing of the UK uses our Python product, xtopdf, in their book production workflow. The Software Freedom Law Center of the USA also uses xtopdf as part of their e-discovery work.

Published technical articles on Python, C and Linux; please see:

Using xtopdf (on the Packt Publishing site)

Developing a Linux command-line utility (on the IBM developerWorks site)

A vi quickstart tutorial (in Linux For You magazine)

How Knoppix saved the day (in Linux For You magazine)

Our article on Developing a Linux command-line utility - the 2nd link in the list of articles above - was published on IBM developerWorks, and translated by IBM for the Chinese and Japanese versions of their developerWorks site. More than one organization has used the article as a basis for developing production command-line tools.

We are available for web or non-web application development, open source and related consulting/contract work, and for corporate software training in the areas of our skills.

Please visit our Contact page to get in touch with us or to request a quote.

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