Monday, March 4, 2013

Portable Python, Python on a USB stick

Portable Python is a Python installation preconfigured to run from any USB storage device, like a USB stick.

You only have to download and extract it and then you can starting using Python to develop applications.

It is available for some versions of Python 2 and Python 3. It also comes with many other Python packages / tools. It is optional to install those during the Portable Python installation. Some of those packages are:

PyScripter v2.5.3
NymPy 1.6.2 (*)
SciPy 0.11.0
Matplotlib 1.1.1
PyWin32 218
Django 1.4.3
PIL 1.1.7
Py2Exe 0.6.9
NetworkX 1.7
Lxml 2.3
PySerial 2.5
PyODBC 3.0.6
PyGame 1.9.1
PyGTK 2.24.2
PyQt 4.9.6-1

(*) Nympy is probably a typo, it must be Numpy.

The fact that it includes Django, wxPython, PyGTK, PyQt, SciPy, Matplotlib, etc., makes it more useful out of the box.

I am trying out Portable Python and will report on my experience with it after a while. If it works well I think it could be a useful tool for people who sometimes need to program with Python on the go, at any place where they may not have a regular installation of Python available, e.g. if you are somewhere without a desktop PC or a laptop, maybe at an Internet cafe, it could be useful there.

The Portable Python About page gives some info about its background and goals.

Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises


Anonymous said...

I used Portable Python for a while, but use WinPython now. It ships a newer Python 3 version, and way more packages, especially for scientific stuff. No Django, though, and the Python 3 version is technically in beta, but that hasn't stopped me from using it every day.

Vasudev Ram said...

Thanks for the info. Am checking out WinPython.

Anonymous said...

Consider also portable python as implemented in Java. I mean Jython. There are several projects that provide portable Python:

SCaVis (

jPort desktop (