Friday, April 5, 2013

PythonMonk - learn Python in the browser

PythonMonk - Interactive Python tutorials

PythonMonk is an online browser-based tool to learn Python, created by C42 Engineering.

Can't try it out right now because I am on my mobile, but will check it later today and update this post with initial impressions.

Update: I tried out the first page of lessons on PythonMonk (on a PC) and it worked fine.

A couple of observations:

- It supports the Python use of docstrings in a function as tests. It runs the tests and checks if they succeed or fail.

- The lesson runs include mildly amusing Zennish comments, like from a master to a student :-)

Also check my earlier posts about other tools roughly similar to PythonMonk:, an online REPL for many languages

and, executable multi-language pastebin, in Python

There's a Hacker News thread about Python Monk.

I also tried out this code that one HN reader (on that thread) did:

__import__("os").execv("/usr/bin/uname", ["uname", "-a"])
and got about the same result as them:
Linux ip-10-166-37-168 2.6.32-amazon-xen-r3 #1 SMP Mon Jan 16 21:03:16 PST 2012 i686 GNU/Linux
, from which it looks like PythonMonk is running on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

- Vasudev Ram

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