Monday, April 15, 2013

The Python Brochure Project - preview available

By Vasudev Ram

The Python Brochure Project, an initiative by the Python Software Foundation, has released a preview of the brochure. The purpose of the Python Brochure is to make the Python language and its benefits and uses more widely known, among other things.

The contents of the Python Brochure are pretty interesting, IMO, and show how widely and diversely Python is being used worldwide by companies, governments and other organizations.

Python may even go to Mars in a few years! Not kidding - see the brochure.

Excerpt from the site:

[ The brochure showcases Python projects with great impact, fascinating aspect and interesting twist from all application spaces covering use cases in business, science, industry, education, media, government, public sector and charity. ]

You can get the Python Brochure preview (as a PDF file). Scroll a bit down the page if you need to (depending on your monitor size), to see the download link.

I just downloaded it and scanned through it, and it looks quite good.

A minor nitpick is that I wish that they would have made it a single-column PDF, but that is my personal preference.

Update: Just realized that the two-column format is more suitable for printing (if the columns come on opposing pages), and brochures are printed ... Still wish there was a single-column version for computer viewing, though.

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises


Armin Stross-Radschinski said...

Good point with the screen viewing.

Usually almost every current PDF viewer has the option for viewing facing pages, with cover page. This is excellent for viewing brochures containing images on the screen.

But unfortunately not every viewer (includnig browser plugins e.g. as in Chrome) supports the preset flag for this. Nevertheless this layout is not optimized for eMedia at all.

Providing a single column PDF may be nice for the overview, but not for the actual reading of this brochure on screen. So there is the article feature in PDF that allows to read through the columns. This feature was not included in this preview.

So try to change the view in your viewer and / or change your viewer. We will try to make the final PDF as convenient as possible.

If you are already impressed and want to support the project, look for possible sponsors in your personal area and point them to the website and to order a sponsoring option.

The PSF Brochure Team

Vasudev Ram said...

Thanks for the info.

Yes, I'll check with my network and do that.