Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zato, an open source ESB in Python

Zato | home page

Zato is an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) which is written in Python. It is free and open source (LGPL).

Tibco was one of the first ESB products and Mule is an open source one.

According to the Zato site:

It supports HTTP, JSON, SOAP, Redis, JMS WebSphere MQ, ZeroMQ, FTP, SQL.

It has a web admin GUI, a CLI and an API.

Documentation and commercial support are available.

I got to know about Zato recently from the main  developer, Dariusz Suchojad, who had earlier written to me  regarding my blog post about PyMQI:

PyMQI, Python interface to IBM WebSphereMQ (formerly IBM MQSeries):

Dariusz was a maintainer of PyMQI and also a developer on Spring Python, which is sort of a port of the Java Spring framework to Python.

Zato docs (quite detailed):

Part 1 of a basic Zato tutorial:

I took a look at the tutorial. Broadly, it shows how to install Zato, create a simple Zato service in Python, that talks to PostgreSQL and Redis, and deploy it. Two servers get created, behind a load-balancer, and the service gets hot-deployed to the servers. Then curl is used to access the service. (This tutorial does not create a real client; curl is used to simulate one.)

Zato looks interesting and powerful (and somewhat complex, but that is to be expected for a product like an ESB).

I will check it out more and then report on my findings.

- Vasudev Ram

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