Monday, June 10, 2013

Brian Kernighan uses Python

By Vasudev Ram

This is from the site, a.k.a The Setup :-), which has many interviews of well-known computer (and maybe other) people, about their hardware and software setups (and nowadays device setups too, of course). I've read quite a few of those interviews in the past, and they can be interesting.

Brian Kernighan uses Python. Cool ... [1] [2]

Brian Kernighan page (at Bell Labs)
Brian Kernighan page (at Princeton University)

[1] For those who don't know of Kernighan, he was, at Bell Labs, one of the top contributors to Unix and C (from early on, and for a long time), and is the co-author of the classic computer books "The C Programming Language" (with Dennis Ritchie), also abbreviated as K&R, and "The Unix Programming Environment" (with Rob Pike), abbreviated as K&P. Rob Pike has been working on the Go language for the last few years.

[2] I saw the article about Kernighan via this Reddit thread, which also has some interesting comments.

And I almost forgot to mention, Kernighan also co-invented Awk :-)

I was fortunate to get to read those two books (K&R and K&P) early on in my career. In fact, I should probably say "those four books" or "those six books" :-) because I read them at least twice or thrice. They had a big influence on me, and benefited me a lot in my work over the years, possibly more than any other computer books I've read, before or since then.

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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