Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some areas and jobs for which Python is used

[QUESTION] Occupation/What Company You Work For : Python

Seen on the Python subreddit - .

Though I've known for some years now that Python is applicable to a wide variety of areas (search the web for "Python success stories" and for the new/upcoming Python Brochure from the Python Software Foundation), it was still interesting to see the diverse areas in which Python is being used, and for which there are jobs available, as discussed in the above Python Reddit thread.

Check user westurner's comments in the thread for many Python job links and searches.

Dear readers, my posts are likely to be less or None for a few days, since I'll be travelling.

- Vasudev Ram
Python, Linux and open source consulting and training

P.S. My favorite example of Python use was user Porkmeister's mention of Python on the router.

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