Saturday, August 31, 2013

50% off on all O'Reilly books in Back to (Tech) School Sale

By Vasudev Ram

O'Reilly Media is conducting a sale - 50% off on the price of all O'Reilly books. The sale is on until 10 September 2013.

They are calling it the "Back to (Tech) School Sale".

Back to (Tech) School Sale

You can click on the banner above to go to the site for the O'Reilly books sale.

Disclosure: it is an affiliate link, so I will get a small percentage of the sale value, since I recently became an O'Reilly Media affiliate under their Affiliates program for bloggers. More on that in a follow-up post, but let me say for now to my readers, that I'll use the affiliate feature judiciously, so as not to clutter up my blog with too many ads.

I also took a look at the sale site myself. It was interesting to see the variety of books (*) on display (many of which I have bought and read in the past), and also the fact that the O'Reilly book "Learning Python" was among the bestsellers shown.

(*) They do have a large variety and number of books. I have been buying and reading O'Reilly books for many years now, almost from the start of my career, so I've seen that they have books for many of the popular programming languages, such as C, C++, Python, Java, Scala, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, etc., as well as books on many other programming, system administration, web design and other computer topics.

Back to (Tech) School Sale

There are 7000 titles on sale.

This is a good opportunity to pick up some good O'Reilly books at half the cost.

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Packt Publishing of the UK/India uses xtopdf in their book production workflow, and the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) of the USA uses xtopdf for their e-discovery work (as I've been told by people from Packt and SFLC respectively). xtodf is written in Python and uses the open source version of the Reportlab toolkit.

Here is a guide to installing and using xtopdf, which can help you get started with creating PDF books using it.

Here are two posts about XMLtoPDFBook:

Create PDF books with XMLtoPDFBook.

XMLtoPDFBook now supports chapter numbers and names.

Read all xtopdf posts on jugad2.

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