Thursday, September 5, 2013

The O'Reilly Affiliate Program

By Vasudev Ram

Dear readers,

In a recent post, i.e.:

50% off on all O'Reilly books in Back to (Tech) School Sale ,

I said that I had recently become an O'Reilly Affiliate under their Affiliate marketing program, and that I would write more about it in a later post. This is that post.

The O'Reilly Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program from O'Reilly Media, a leading publisher of computer and related books. Under this program, web site publishers, such as bloggers, can apply to become O'Reilly affiliates. The affiliate program is in partnership with Commission Junction, a large affiliate network.

If the blogger's application to be an O'Reilly affiliate is approved, they can then sign up to become a member of Commission Junction (CJ). After that they can promote various products of O'Reilly, such as books, ebooks and videos, on their blog via banner or text links (for which they can get the HTML code from the CJ site, under the section for O'Reilly), and if a reader clicks through to the linked O'Reilly product page and buys a product, the blogger receives a commission from O'Reilly Media via CJ.

Here is an excerpt from the O'Reilly Affiliates Program web page:

[ Our web site offers over 3,000 different products from O'Reilly as well as other leading technology publishers, such as Microsoft Press, No Starch, Wiley, Wrox, Site Point, Dummies, Sybex, and more. O'Reilly's unique ebook and video offering is DRM-free, meaning that customers own the electronic products they purchase. They also own them in multiple formats, have lifetime access, and receive free updates ]

And here are the full details about the O'Reilly Affiliate program.

My own experience of signing up to be a CJ member and then getting the HTML code for the sale was fairly straightforward; I did not encounter any major issues. The CJ site seems well-designed and implemented, in general.

I hope readers who are interested in the O'Reilly affiliate program found this information useful.

Finally, a reminder: the O'Reilly 50% off sale (for all their ebooks), is on until 10 September 2013. So make the most of it :-) (affiliate link).

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