Friday, October 18, 2013

xtopdf - an online presentation

By Vasudev Ram

(Updated the post with more links and a few edits; apologies to readers seeing it twice as a result, via feed readers.)

While doing some minor work on my PDF creation toolkit, xtopdf (which is written in Python), I realized that there was no central place where all or most of its features and uses were described, although I have written various articles about xtopdf on this blog and elsewhere on the Internet. I also realized that over a period of time, I have been adding various features or improvements to xtopdf, which some users may not be aware of.

And coincidentally, while browsing the site of a Python Quant, Dr. Yves J. Hilpisch, I saw a presentation there, done using Reveal.js, by Hakim El Hattab. Reveal.js looks very good, BTW. It is a JavaScript tool for creating online presentations. It can be used by creating your slides manually in HTML/JavaScript/CSS, or via an online tool:

There is a companion site,, where you can create a presentation using Reveal.js. The site has both free and paid accounts.

So I created a presentation about xtopdf on the site.

You can view it either here:, or embedded below:

I hope the xtopdf presentation helps readers and users to get to know xtopdf better, and use it to the fullest. Note: the presentation has hyperlinks; make sure to (right-)click on them to see all the information about xtopdf.

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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