Friday, December 20, 2013

OrientDB, a distributed transactional graph database

By Vasudev Ram


OrientDB from Orient Technologies (in London, UK :-) is a distributed transactional graph database.

I saw it via this post on Hacker News:

OrientDB, the most versatile database I’ve run across

The article linked in that post is here:

OrientDB. Thanks!!!

An interesting point in that article is that the author, Petter Graff, thinks that OrientDB is versatile, and somewhat unusual in that it seems to be good for graph, document and object-oriented database applications - which may not be common in a single database product.

I scanned some pages on the OrientDB / Orient Technologies sites and got an overview of the product. It has a native Java and a JDBC interface. It also seems to have interfaces, i.e. bindings, to some other popular programming languages or technologies, including JavaScript, Scala, C, PHP. .NET, Python, Node.js, Clojure and Android.

They have both a free Community edition and an Enterprise edition, with professional services. OrientDB customers includes Lufthansa, Pitney Bowes and Cisco, according to their site.

I'm checking out OrientDB (with the Python binding) and will blog again later if I find it interesting.

- Vasudev Ram - Python, Linux and open source consulting

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Anonymous said...

Here is a tutorial from the same author:

Vasudev Ram said...

Will check it out, thanks!