Sunday, December 29, 2013

The SageMath Cloud - Python and computational mathematics in the cloud

By Vasudev Ram

I got to know about this today, via this post:

Hello Planet Python (seen via Planet Python).

The SageMath Cloud (beta) is a new development by William Stein, a professor of mathematics at the University of Washington, who started the SageMath project.

I had blogged about Sage earlier, here:

Calculize and Sage Notebook, online math tools

So today I signed up for a free account on the SageMath Cloud and then tried to enter and run a simple Python factorial program. After a hitch or two (it's beta), it worked.

Here is a screenshot of the factorial program in SageMath Cloud (click image to enlarge):

And here's a screenshot of the result of running "python" in the command-line box of SageMath Cloud (click image to enlarge):

Here's a post that I found, by the creator of SageMath Cloud, William Stein himself, talking about his work on it. He mentions using ZFS and plans to use Google Compute Engine for the SageMath Cloud:

Holiday Coding the SageMath Cloud

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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Vasudev Ram said...

I submitted this post to the Python Reddit and there were some comments, including by William Stein, creator of SageMath and SageMath Cloud, who answered a question or two of another Reddit user:

Vasudev Ram said...

Googling more about Sage Math, I found the Sage book interesting (PDF):

The Sage book